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Lomogram is the Windows Phone Instagram

Windows Phone: Lomogram the windows phone Instagram

Carrying the same last name – ‘gram’ just simply shows how great this app will works.

Lomogram was inspired by Instagram which constructed in accordance to the Windows Phone.

I never use Instagram, but I like Lomogram

It is true that I have Instagram account but I never treat it more than just a normal not-functional social network account (Google+ – sorry). Just to play along with other people who has the account other than FB itself.

I’m searching just the best app for my Lumia 900

But as few months ago I bought Lumia 900 (switching from HTC One X), I was speechless to see the Windows Phone Store for the first time. How can there be a lot of ‘JUNK’ in it than the useful one?

Now, I already try the Lomogram and I could say, I simply like it. I don’t have any desire of using any ‘Instagram’ alike app before as I’m trying my best to not to be called a ‘HIPSTER’ (hahaha) but now, I think I will.

Love the simple metro design and functionality

As always, I will try not to download too fancy app design as I totally fall in-love with the classic metro design. So, I will just download the one that is plain and without fancy decoration (in-app) and Lomogram is chosen.