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Tips: Internet is bad or good for works?

This can be vary to different individual. As in my personal opinion, I also found it quite hard to answer as there is always good and bad about it.

This is what had happened to me in few couple weeks (yet I’m still on it until end of November).

I’m doing work outside to avoid my great internet connection

I was doing final project with my friends outside, means we go to some WiFi hotspot like Wendy’s or KFC to stay for the project. I should tell first that I’m using UNIFI 20mbps package in my house (so-called the best fibre cable optic internet service).

So, I will just do my work outside IF I want to avoid the internet. 😀 I’m telling you why in few moments.

Thus, what happened is I found myself to be very productive which I realize that couple of weeks ago that I spend doing them alone in my room, I was only able to finish the job by maybe less than 10%.

But there, with all my friends doing the same thing (final project), even discussing, joking, and able to share almost everything which related to the project, I’m finishing 50% of the work!

I’m distracted by the internet – aaand my bed

WOW! Can you imagine how distracted I am when I’m home? With (so-called) the best internet connection?

Then I start to recall back what actually happened when I did the final project at my house.

I start with doing the project … 15 minutes later, BAM! Facebook! Shopping eBay! Lelong! Watch One Piece online! Then I break for my lunch. Then my eyes feel a bit weight and … YES just behind is my very cosy fluffy bed. So, the whole day (17 hours) I actually just spend an hour of quality time.

I got a solid 8 hours of quality time

Compared to what I achieved when I’m doing it away from my home (meaning I’m leaving the internet), I stay from 11:00AM until 9:00PM, I got at least a solid 8 hour (from the total 10 hours). Of course at least we break for lunch, dinner, pray and shopping. 😀

Losing internet is losing the biggest source of creativity

Some that didn’t agree with me might get offended but I’m being honest here. Haha, as most of my artwork is withdrawn from this big bank – internet. So, losing it (or get slower internet connection) prevent me from browsing for necessary sources for the artwork design.

I will make sure the connection isn’t needed before I step out

So, like I mentioned earlier (I will just do my work outside IF I want to avoid the internet), I will only do work away from my house IF I really didn’t need the connection. For example, I’m doing 3D modelling and composing my After Effects.

But to suddenly get the urge to grab some copy from the internet is unavoidable. So, that will be a disadvantage.

This is my own opinion. If you guys have your own, why not share with me here? Leave in the comment sections. 😉