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Nokia Asha 205 & 206 – got to love the simplicity

I am not going to comment about the products since this web itself wasn’t about technology (although we do discuss about some that I own and not) but I prefer not to.

Why should I embarrassed myself by doing some rubbish (because I’m not really expert in doing review) review when you can find a lot more reliable source in other site? 😀

Lately Nokia had been simplified

Well, I want you guys to really look close to Nokia’s video promotion lately. They seem to be presented in the simplest way ever! Yet! This it really understandable and the songs chosen were pretty neat and really help in delivering the cheers into something that simple.

Simple is not easy

Who says doing simple thing is EASY? No. it is never! People normality will always accept simple is BARELY OKE, and complex is GREAT. So, how you can do something that is SIMPLE YET GREAT?

The art of ‘simplicity’

See, a lot of people didn’t always see the art of ‘simplicity’ which doesn’t always mean reducing information / inputs but to brilliantly organize everything so that each of key point and input can be delivered yet doesn’t distract the audience with anything complex.

Watch the videos here.

Nokia Asha 205

Nokia Asha 206

Who is behind this simplicity?

So again I ask myself, who is the brain, the engineer behind this masterpiece. I’ve really want to learn from him on how he did and most importantly how he did the brainstorming.

Don’t just judge from this 2 videos. Do check out other products video presentation made for Nokia’s product. Simply the best. 😉