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I read everything on Chrome Feed Reader

I’ve been using this plugin months until now and I found it quite handy in managing all my favorite subscriptions (web) online.

You can add all your RSS link of all the website that you always read to not miss their latest update on the web.

It can search for RSS feed links automatically

When you reach a nice website, you will usually search for their RSS feed link to subscribe isn’t it? But with this Chrome RSS Feed Reader plugin, you don’t need to. What you need to is …

  1. Navigate to the website you desire
  2. See if there is a PLUS MARK on your Chrome RSS Feed Reader plugin
  3. Click on the it and subscribe to RSS link available

I can open multiple links at one time

Last time (a month before the new updates) I was able to open link of new posts available by middle clicking on the title and continue to do that to all desired posts that you want to open and as you finish, you will only need to click a big button on the top of the list which will open all chosen posts you made before.

But since the last 3 updates, I can’t do that anymore. But apart of that, I really love this plugin.

Get your Chrome RSS Feed Reader plugin now.