Flash: How to build AS3 Mario platform game


Above is part of my web flash component that I made to meet the requirements for web design II subject this semester.

Our assignment for this semester is we need to do a flash web design and needed to be interactive. By that, it meant to have interaction with the users / audience / visitors. Thus I got an idea to do a platform game and deliver the information along the gameplay.

Few friends ask me how I did the Mario alike game using Adobe Flash CS6 or specifically using Actionscript 3 (AS3).

It just take me 2 days

I just take 2 days where the first day to design all the necessary character and terrain for the game, study the video tutorial and to code it by myself according to the video (this is not including the other component of the website ya. It’s just the game only).

I did watch tutorial to master the coding

YES I watched video tutorial in order to understand the whole coding. Pheewww… come on guys. I’m not that good in AS3 coding if you ask. Lol. So, below is the whole 7 series of tutorial that I watch and make me good in doing my own platform game. 😉

AS3 – Platform Game – Lesson 1 – Setup
Platform Game – Lesson 2 – Controlling the Character
Platform Game – Lesson 3 – Exit
Platform Game – Lesson 4a – Key
Platform Game – Lesson 4b – Collecting Coins
Platform Game – Lesson 5a – Adding a Timer
Platform Game – Lesson 5b – Adding Static Enemy