Adding files or folders from other Dropbox to yours

If you are in hurry and somebody send you something through Dropbox, and said “You need to get it fast because I will need to delete it back” as you are on your way for your meeting. “What I need to do!?”

You can actually transfer their files to your Dropbox account in instant. Literally! For me, a 20Mb folders were like 10 seconds to be transfered. How to do it? Simple. And what you need to do next? Find you free time & download everything into your desktop or simply leave it there and you can access them through your phone & tablet as well. Anywhere!

Step 01

Open your friend’s Dropbox. Usually the download link that he/she gave to you. At the top right corner of your visual you will see a download button (big dark blue color button).

Click on it & you should see options for –> Download as .zip AND Add to my Dropbox. Select “Add to my Dropbox”.

transfer-dropbox-to-yours (1)
Click “Add to my Dropbox”

Step 02

There will be notification that prompt either you confirm or not to make the transfer. Select “Add to my Dropbox”.

Confirm your files or folders transfer

Step 03

Done! That’s all you need to do. And now you have the folders in your Dropbox and you can download them at anytime later.

transfer-dropbox-to-yours (3)
Green notification stated that your transfer is successful!

Just do some last checking to make sure you really received the files.

transfer-dropbox-to-yours (4)
Last check on your Dropbox folder